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Practice with our Money, Trade with your Money

  • No fear of losing money
  • Real trading environment, with tick by tick real price updates
  • Test your strategies in real-market, with virtual money and real market
  • Build to help you trade faster with analyzers and auto-finders
  • All Equities, Futures, Options and commodities are available
  • Get virtual money upto Rs. 1 Crore
  • Absolutely Free to Practice
  • We do not ask for any money deposits of any kind to use our platform

No fear of losing real money

Test your strategies when the market is live. Intelligent platform to tell you which equities/options are performing best. All with virtual money and real-time market

  • Live data (second by second) when market is open
  • Variety of order type - Market/Limit/Auto-Limit with target profit and stoploss
  • Set the investment percentage/auto-calculate contracts (No need to calculate manually) or fixed quantity buy/sell
  • View your trades with live P&L, applicable taxes and fee
  • Modify your orders - set Target/Stop Loss later
  • Top-up easily whenever you want
  • Build to help you trade faster, focus on your strategies and not contract calculations
  • Intelligent platform and easy to use - Click and Trade!
No fear of losing real money

Powerful Options Analyzer

If you are trading in options, Options analyzer will give you real-time market movement of options of selected index/equity

Options Stock Analyzer
  • Choose monthly or weekly options to view their movement
  • Excellent visual display of movement of CE/PE options in real-time
  • AI based calculation of market movement
  • View In the Money or Out of the money options for both CE/PE
  • View the spread for each option
  • Sort by Volume, LTP, buy/sell quantity or spread
  • A holistic view how the options under an index are performing to help you gain insight of market movement and trade easily
  • Place buy/sell order directly from the list

AI Based Options Trader

If you are trading in options, finding the best options in terms of their volume or spread is a daunting task. With Options trader, you just buy/sell and the rest will be done by the AI working in background.

  • Choose the index/equity
  • Choose monthly or weekly options to view their movement
  • Set your investment as percentage or fixed amount
  • Set the contract calculation as fixed or automatic
  • Set the order type as market/auto-limit
  • Set your target percent
  • Set the stop-loss
  • Select the options selection criteria
  • Now Buy/Sell and the best options will be picked up for you
  • A revolutionary product
AI Based Options Trader

Index/Equity Analyzer

If you like to analyze the indices or the equities which are market movers/shakers, this tool is designed to help you gain in-sights

Analyze the Indices
  • Indices available are Nifty 50/ Nifty 100/ Nifty Midcap 50/ Nifty Midcap 100/ Bank Nifty
  • View the segments under these indices
  • Performance of segments along with their weightage
  • Drill down to view the equities under each segment to view their performance
  • Place buy order directly from the list
  • View the entire list of equities along with their performance
  • Sort the list based on volume, buy/sell quantity, LTP, bid/ask price or spread

Dashboard/Daywise Summary/Detailed Report

Real-time display of dashboard containing the number of trades, taxes, fee, gross and net profit. Dashboard to help you analyze your performance

  • View current day summary in real time. Helps you analyze your performance
  • View last 30 days summary
  • View day wise summary with quick snapshot of number of trades, P/L for each day of the last 180 days
  • Drill down to view the equities under each segment to view their performance
  • Drill down to detailed report to view the detail of each trade with investment, fee, taxes and P/L
  • Download report in excel
Dashboard Report

Excellent Features, Superior Trading Platform

Real-time Market Feed Trade in Live Market Virtual Money Unlimited Topups
Trade Equities Trade Futures Trade Options Selling of Call/Put Options
Market Orders Limit Orders Auto-Limit Orders Orders with Target Profit
Orders with StopLoss After Market Orders Dashboard/Reports Day Wise Summary
Options Trader Options Analyzer Straddles One Click Straddle Trading
Index Hollistic View Index Analyzer Equities Analyzer Trade in Your Existing Demat Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 100% virtual money?

Yes. You will get INR 10 Lacs virtual money at the time of registration and you can top up any time.

Is data feed real?

Yes, the data feed is real.

What is options trader?

Traders spend a lot of time to choose the best option available and placing the order. Our Options Trader widget can do this for you in just a click of a button.

What is options analyzer?

Do you struggle to find the best instruments while trading in NIFTY or any Stock? Options Analyzer feature will display the best instruments which you can trade (updated every second).

Real trading has an impact whereas trading with virtual money may not influence the market, will that give a real-time experience?

Yes, you will get the real-time experience as our platform execute orders basis the actual Offer and Bid prices running in the live market. Only the money that you would use is virtual.

How do you calculate the margin required for placing an order?

To give you real-time experience, we use the actual calculation to show you the margin required for placing buy and sell orders. The platform will alert you, if you don't have the required margin to place an order.

Will it display P&L in runtime when the orders are placed?

Yes, when you place an order, it gets registered and you can watch the actual P&L percentage live as per the price fluctuations that you will earn after paying brokage fee and other applicable taxes.

What reports are available for analysis?

Account summary, order book and P&L statements are available for detailed analysis.

Got great strategies, afraid of losing real money?

India’s first 100% real-time trading platform with virtual money and easy top-ups. Try all your strategies before going for real trading.

Real-time trading with virtual money, detailed reports and many more features.

AI based Options Trader to help you trade options on a click of a button. Set your targets, stoploss, investment percent easily.

Auto Limit option, where you set the entry price as percentage and time duration for which you want to wait for limit orders. System will track and cancel the order automatically.

Use our Options Analyzer to know the best options available under indices/equities, to trade.

Analyze top indices, their segments down to the equities in these indices.

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