Frequently Asked

We have put together the most frequently asked questions to help you know more about Neostox.
Neostox paper trading platform FAQs
Is Neostox free to use? Yes, Neostox is absolutely free to use and practice. Is this 100% virtual money? Yes. You will get INR 10 Lacs virtual money at the time of registration and you can top up any time. Real trading has an impact whereas trading with virtual money may not influence the market, will that give a real-time experience? Yes, you will get the real-time experience as our platform executes orders based on actual Offer and Bid prices running in the live market. Only the money that you would use is virtual. Is data feed real? Yes, the data feed is real. What all instruments can I trade? All equities, futures, options, and commodities are available for trading. How much virtual money is available? You can top up to Rs. 1 crore as many times as you want. Is there any limit on the number of trades I can do in a day? No, there is no limit. Practice as much as you can. What type of orders are available? Market Orders, Limit Orders, and stop-limit orders are available. You can place Intraday and regular orders. All intraday orders are automatically squared off at the end of the day. How do you calculate the margin required for placing an order? To give you real-time experience, we use the actual calculation to show you the margin required for placing buy and sell orders. The platform will alert you if you don't have the required margin to place an order. Can I do hedge trading? Yes, a fully built-up hedge trading system. It also shows you more information related to the hedged positions. When you try to exit hedged positions, the impact on other open positions is also shown. Will it display P&L in runtime when the orders are placed? Yes, when you place an order, it gets registered and you can watch the actual P&L percentage live as per the price fluctuations. It will also display brokerage fees, and applicable taxes in real-time. Can I write options? Yes, you can write options easily. The margins are calculated as per the guidelines set by SEBI. Can I set stop loss and target on my orders? Yes, you can set stop loss and target prices easily. You can set the target or stop loss both as a percentage and a fixed number. What reports are available for analysis? Dashboard, Account summary of current day and last 30 days, a day-wise summary of last 180 days along with detailed report downloadable in excel format. Can I create baskets? Yes, you can create baskets with all the available instruments. What is Isolation mode while executing a basket? Generally, when you create baskets, they are executed considering the existing open trades. This makes it difficult to test the strategies in real-time. With isolation mode, you can execute one or multiple baskets without considering the open positions. This is helpful when you want to test different strategies in real-time. What is the combination mode while executing a basket? The basket executed in combination mode considers the open positions to calculate margins and create hedge positions. What are straddles? You can see pre-made straddles and trade them with a click of a button. Straddles include both call and put options that you can trade. What is an options trader? Traders spend a lot of time choosing the best option available and placing the order. Our Options Trader can do this for you with just a click of a button. What is Options Analyzer? Do you struggle to find the best instruments while trading in NIFTY or any Stock? Options Analyzer feature will display the best instruments which you can trade (updated every second). What is Neo-Screener? There are thousands of instruments that can be traded, you may be struggling to find the best ones available at any time. Right? Neo-screener scans all the instruments to find out the best or worst performing all across equities and indices. It also shows you the movement of instruments to help you analyze and trade quickly. What is Options Chain and how it is different from existing options chains? The options chain available in Neostox is very unique. Generally, you scan to identify the high volume, and high buy/sell pressure. But in the Options chain of Neostox, all the information that you want to know is shown in real-time, thus reducing the time to do analysis. What is equities analyzer? The entire set of equities is shown as list in real-time with their movements. You can sort the list based on volume, buy/sell quantity, LTP, bid/ask or spread easily. One-click trade is available. What is Index Analyzer? The index analyzer shows the movement of all indices along with their industry segments. The performance is shown and you can drill down to view the equities in either an index or an industry segment. What is segment view in Index Analyzer? Every index has got industry segments. We have segregated the equities under an Index based on their industry segments. This helps you to analyze the performance of an industry segment.