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A compiled library of videos to learn stock trading on Neostox.
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Neostox, the real stock trading experience with virtual money.

With Neostox, you can try all your strategies and become more experienced trader.

Tick by Tick Feed

Almost Real time market feed of all Equities/Options/Futures/ Commodities

Live Market, Virtual Money

Real trading experience of live market with virtual money

Hedge Trading

A full-fledged hedge trading platform that even shows the information related to hedged positions.

Basket Orders

Create your baskets and execute them manually or set triggers using an algorithm. Execute baskets in Isolation or combined mode.

Live Reports with Day Wise Summary

No need to wait for the next day for reports. Watch live performance report with a day-wise summary.


Watch the pre-built straddles in the live market and execute them with a click of a button.

Neo Screener

It scans the entire market and shows you the gainers/losers/trending equities, options, futures, and commodities on one page. Quick to find and easy to trade!

Options Analyzer

Shows the top 20 options of any index or equity. Sort them on volume, OI or LTP. One click trading!

Index Segment Analyzer

Shows the movement of industry segments of top 6 indices in real time

Equities Analyzer

Shows equities along with their gains and losses under an index or all across.

Index Analyzer – Holistic View

Shows the movement of top 6 indices in real time

AI Options Trader

AI based options trader to pick up the best option to trade at any time.

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